Photography Bootcamp

The key to creating stunning images for your business.

What is Photography Bootcamp all about?

Here at Photography Bootcamp my mission is to take the mystery out of Food Photography and Editing and help you to achieve your dreams of creating beautiful food photography for your business.

Whatever your learning preferences, where ever you are, I can help you gain confidence and knowledge to create beautiful photographs that bring customers back time after time.

One to One Food & Drink Photography Tuition

With 1-2-1 tuition, you can learn what you need, when you need too with 100% undivided attention.

The sessions can be customised to your specific needs and can be either here in the studio or on location with you.

It can reflect your food, your venue, your particular circumstances – after all those are what matter.

Get off auto settings, learn to edit and raise your images up to compete on an even playing field.

Learn how to set branding guidelines for your business so that even when you aren’t there, you can rely on the right imagery being produced.

Food & Drink Photography Workshops

Photography Bootcamp workshops are small friendly sessions where there’s no more 8 delegates in total, ensuring everyone gets the help they need.

Workshops are being added regularly so if you don’t see what you want right now, do get in touch to find out what is coming up.

There’ll be a mix of online and inperson workshops going forwards to allow for coping with the current covid situations and whatever else crops up.

Custom  Food & Drink Photography Courses

For a business there’s often more than one person who needs to be involved in creating images for the company, and their busy social media channels, so a custom course to ensure you are all on the same page is often ideal.

The course can then be tailor made to suit your specific company requirements, and could incorporate the formulation of photography branding guidelines to ensure a uniform approach as well as detailed knowledge on how to compose a shot, get the most from a camera and edit to bring images inline with the story you want to put out.

Photography Bootcamp Membership

There’s a free Facebook group if you want to get started, but coming very soon is a brand new custom membership program which will provide ongoing learning and resources.  I can’t wait to share information about this, but if you want to be kept in the picture (see what I did there?) then pop your name in the form below and as soon as there’s more to share I’ll let you know.

Tell me about the new membership program please:

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Alnwick Gin Negroni
Bloody Mary Cocktail - Sue Todd Photography
Simpli Special Teas - flat lay, tea mixture on old spoons on white background. Photography by Sue Todd Photography.

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