1-2-1 Photography Training

Professional Commercial Photography Training tailored

to YOUR specific needs in YOUR. business.

Photographic Training with a difference

Imagine having a pro photographer right by your side, advising on settings, explaining how to improve your shots, suggesting ideas, solving ‘your’ photographic problems.  That’s exactly what you get with my 1-2-1 training.

1-2-1 Photography Training Designed Specifically for YOU and Your Business.

I will work with you to solve your immediate issues with photography for your business.  You can either come to my studio and bring your products, ideas, props and marketing information with you OR I can come to you and we can work with and in your problem areas whether that’s space, lighting, props, composition or indeed everything!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just started or have some knowledge, we can start at the beginning or build on what you already know.

I help you to get the most out of the camera you have now – whether its a ‘proper’ camera or a phone.  Don’t rush out to buy a new camera before your training as what you decide you want now will probably not be what you want later, so its much better to wait until you’ve a clear idea of what you want from a camera before going off to buy a new one.   A mistake in kit can be really costly, so let’s avoid that!

My 1-2-1 training days are always structured around YOU.  No two people are identical and their businesses aren’t the same either.  I’ll ask you lots of questions beforehand not because I’m nosey (though I”ll enjoy finding out more about what you do!) but because that means that I can gear the day much more to what you need and will get value from and you’ll be able to see the difference yourself at the end of the session!

Pack Shots

I can help you master the perfect pack shot, with hints and tips to ensure you impress.

Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle shots are a fabulous way to tell a story and create intrigue, I’ll show you how to style them beautifully.


Instagram loves a flat lay and they can very versatile but not always so easy to create.  I can help you with techniques to really make a difference to your shots.

For training that will provide immediate results book a 1-2-1 session with me now – you will not be disappointed.

From packshots, through to creative lifestyle to flatlay or working with models or styling and composition you can be sure I have the answers, experience and practical help and solutions for your whatever market you work in.

Topics you can choose from include and are not limited to:

  • natural lighting
  • studio lighting
  • how to use my camera/phone
  • how to get off auto settings
  • composition
  • props and how to use them
  • how to choose the right background
  • editing
  • how to use Lightroom
  • how to use photoshop

The beauty of these sessions is that they focus in on you and what you need.

I can cover shooting food, clothing, people, products, venues, events, action shots, landscapes, industrial scenes, whatever it is that you need for your business in the way of imagery.

I can suggest props, I have masses of ideas, I can even help you come up with ideas, I can show you trade secrets to help you and above all you will enjoy it and have fun.   I really love my 1-2-1 sessions, its a great opportunity to get to know someone, their business and to move them forwards and to have a good laugh getting there too – because life is short and we need to enjoy each moment and treasure it.

How does it work?  How long is a session?


You can choose from a half or full day or indeed any multiple of these.  You could have a half day, then do some work on your own and then have another half day to go over what you’ve done and have further input.  The mix is totally flexible and I can help you decide that too.  This is what makes this training unique, it really is ALL ABOUT YOU and YOUR photographic NEEDS.

If you come to me I’ll provide tea/coffee and biscuits, if I come to you I rather hope that will be reciprocated.

Where are 1-2-1 Sessions held?

That’s such an important question isn’t it!  I’m based in Cramlington in Northumberland and you can come and work with me in the studio or I can come to you.  If you are over 25 miles away then there will be an additional cost for travel.

Currently with Covid Restrictions

I’m offering 1-2-1 tuition online via Zoom sessions!  And yes this virtual learning really does work!

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