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Here to help and support you as you improve your photography skills.
Setting up a scene and getting the composition just right.

What is Photography Bootcamp?

I first started Photography Bootcamp back in 2017 to help small business owners create better images for their business.

There’s a wealth of tutorials out there, but it’s finding the one that has the information you need when you need it.  Lots of it is very generic and as a business owner you don’t really care about natural lighting per se, you care very much about the lack of light you have and how to cope with it.  Or perhaps you have particular products you are struggling to work with?

That’s exactly why Photography Bootcamp exists.  You probably have enough to do already doing what you do, learning new stuff can be exhausting.  I help to make it easier, with simple terms and no jargon.

Why Choose Photography Bootcamp

Years of Photography Experience

With years of photographic experience and working with large and small clients, there’s a wealth of knowledge here to help you.


Teaching Expertise

Photography Bootcamp is all about making photography easy to understand, seeing the delight in students eyes when they ‘get’ it is what drives me forwards.


If you work with food and you need great images, then both of those topics are a huge passion for me and I love nothing more than helping people develop their skills.

Who is behind Photography Bootcamp

Sue Todd busy in the studio on a Cocktail Shoot
I’m Sue Todd and this is me busy in my studio.  I’m an award winning food, drink and hospitality photographer who loves creating images to make people hungry.

I also love helping people come to grips with photography.  Whether you use a phone or a funky camera I can help you produce better images to really make your pictures pop.

I work with a huge number of clients large and small, I can help you to ensure that your images are on brand, I can even help you to create a styleguide for your imagery.

I’ll help you to develop skills at a pace to suit you and to work on the specific issues that you have.

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